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    Good Condition ESD Package

    Includes: 2-1/16”5k ESD Hydraulic Gate Valve (x1) 8ft Hydraulic Hose (x1) 15K Pressure Sensor for WECO installation (x1) 50ft Pressure Sensor Cable

    MLock Remote Hydraulic Connector

    Panel skid mLock PLC - UL508A Panels, Shielding in Panel, Amphenol Pigtail Receptical, Amphenol Cable 200ft (24C), Amphenol Cable Reel, Dual Hyd Reel, 1/2" 4.3k Hyd Hose (10ft) -- panel to reel , 1/2" 4.3k Hyd Hose (200ft) -- reel to header, 1/2" FNPT D-Quick Connect, 1/2" MNPT D-Quick Connect, 1/2" FNPT Quick Connect, 1/2" MNPT Quick Connect, Skid Pitched Roof with Front Rain Guard, Custom Tarps, Green Light,Blue Light, Red Light, Light Box, Sigma ProConnex™ 1/2" Liquid Tight Straight Connector, Light Box Flex Tubing (8 feet) (comes in 25ft), 8' 18ga 4-pair ($1.12 p/ft), Hydraulic Assembly, Hydraulic Res, fittings and piping from res/pumps to manifold, Header Skid, Header Assembly, Wellhead Pin (4), Header Skid, Head Shroud Backplate, Power coat (shroud, cone, blackplate), Satellite Light Box, Green Light, Blue Light, Red Light, Light Box, 60' 18ga 4-pair, Bulkhead connector, Tripod Stand, Tripod receiver, Light Box Base, Generator, Trailer (230 VAC - 3 phase 5kV)

    Dual Valve Production mSafe2 HYD SSV/ESD System - ESD Valve 3-1/16" 10k (EE0.5)

    mSAFE SQ2 PLC - UL508A Panel,Shielding in Panel,24vdc Fenner Power Unit,Noshok 621 Inline Sensor,Aluminum D03 Parallel Manifold 2 Station,Selector valve 3-way P blocked, Center A B to T + coils,2-way, 2-stage,solenoid poppet valve,T-13A Sandwich manifold,24VDC high power coil Din A,Alum Tapping Plate,1/4 ORB male to 1/4 NPT female,7in STUDKIT D03,Socket Head Plug, 1/2" ORFS Male,Socket Head Plug, 5/8" ORFS Male,1/2" ORB Male x 1/2" NPTF Male,1/2" FNPT D-Quick Connect,1.5' -- 1/4" 3K MTF,hose end 1/4" JIC - F,1/4" JIC x 5/8" ORB Male,1/4" JIC x 9/16" ORB Male,Std Weather Fittings 3/4 NPT (5 pack),1" NPT liquid tight 90 fitting,Southwire 1" x 50' Liquidtight Flexible Non-Metallic Conduit (8ft),J-box with mounting feet,Cable mangement race way,1/2" 3k Hyd Hose 25' with QC Connectors

    Flow Line Erosion Monitoring System

    PipeMonit® Swarm® S1 EX and CSA Includes standard bracket and 50 cm jumper cable, PipeMonit® Swarm SDL-Ex SDL in a ExD enclosure, can be installed in a Ex zone, PipeMonit® Swarm – Protective Cover For Swarm S1 and Swarm S2 LT sensors

    Master Manifold Flowback System - MMS8-3"1502 SOUR SERVICE

    mMS8 PLC - UL508A Panel Base PKG (1) MMS8-3"1502 SOUR SERVICE 3"1502 NACE Plug Valve **NACE** (8), Actuator (8) Additional hardware package - Full 2-Way Telemetry $1,625

    Master Manifold Flowback System - MMS8-2"1502 SOUR SERVICE

    mMS8 PLC - UL508A Panel Base PKG (1) MMS8-2"1502 SOUR SERVICE 2"1502 Plug Valve **NACE** (8), Actuator (8) Additional hardware package - Full 2-Way Telemetry $1,625

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